Wilsons Promontory

Known to be one of the most beautiful places in Australia, Wilsons Promontory is a must visit location for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

An all-inclusive, multi-day, camping nature tour where interaction with a diverse range of Australian wildlife is the key highlight.

Western Suburbs Tour

The Western suburbs of Melbourne aren’t known as a tourist attraction. Well you might be surprised. In amongst the industrial areas there are some real hidden gems. The Western Suburbs Tour will  let you experience these and show you a part of Melbourne which few tourists get to experience.

You will experience a diversity of climates from industry to beach, and even a secret boat harbour.

Drive by Night Tour

A low cost, great introduction to Melbourne. Sit back, relax and enjoy Melbourne in a private tour, as we cruise around for 2 hours at night with stops for photos and exploring.  

Melbourne Underground

If you think you have seen all there is to see of Melbourne, then think again.

Maybe it’s time to go underground!

The District Experience

A new Melbourne district that has more attractions and unique offerings in the one location than possibly any other in Australia. Join us for The District Experience.


We offer a variety of day tours of Melbourne and Victoria that last between 2 and 12 hours, ranging from budget priced to all-inclusive premium tours. Look for the price guide symbols.

Don’t be discouraged by potentially bad weather. We have a number of tours which are not significantly affected by rain. Look for the rainy cloud icon.

It is also possible to arrange a custom day tour or multi-day tour of Melbourne and Victoria, if our current Melbourne day tour offerings do not meet your travel needs.

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Great Ocean Road

This is a small group, private, custom tour that is a fully flexible tour alternative to explore and experience this great regions of the Great Ocean Road.

Treasure Hunt 101

Find hidden treasures while exploring iconic Melbourne locations. A truly unique way of getting to know Melbourne and its history.

The ONLY tour of this kind in Melbourne!!!

St Kilda Super Tour

The bayside suburb of St Kilda is one of Melbourne’s best tourist attractions. This tour will show you why by immersing you in all that St Kilda has to offer - and that is a lot more than just the famous St Kilda Beach and Acland Street!

It is very hard not to appreciate this classic all-inclusive 69 Tours original tour that has a duration of 4 hours.

Budget priced, short tours in Melbourne.

Premium priced custom and all-inclusive tours.

Standard priced quality tours.

Treasure Hunt

Find hidden treasures while exploring iconic Melbourne locations. A truly unique way of getting to know Melbourne and its history.

The ONLY tour of this kind in Melbourne!!!

Enchanted Eagle Tour

If you like heights, great views and an adrenalin rush, then welcome to the Enchanted Eagle Tour. Ride a chairlift, fly down a zip line, do a canopy walk and………

Peninsula Nature Tour

A comprehensive nature tour - sun, sand, surf, wild animals, nature walks and bush. Experience each of these in this 6 hour nature extravaganza.

Parks, Garden & Farm Tour

Lose yourself in lush greenery at the Botanical Gardens. Be immersed in authentic Australian bush right near the city centre. Interact with farm animals on a working farm and complete the day’s experience by dining in a very unique eatery.

If green is your colour, then this tour is for you.

Sky High Bush Tour

This tour will take you to the mountains of Melbourne. You will experience the unique mountain climate and village atmosphere of the quaint suburbs we visit.

The scenery is breathtaking and views are amazing. See and hear a wide variety of wildlife in their natural environment as we go bush walking.

You will also get an opportunity to feed the cockatoos.

London Taxi Tour

A fixed priced, quirky, driving tour of Melbourne during the day, evening or night. Sit back, relax and enjoy Melbourne in a private tour for up to 5 people.  

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