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Our aim of continual improvement in service quality and offering is reflected in the growing number of industry memberships and accreditations which we have attained. In all cases, to attain accreditation, 69 Tours has had to show its ability in being a top quality Australian tourism industry participant.

Our growing number of accreditations and memberships is your guarantee of service quality.


69 Tours has been developed with the assistance and support of the Bizness Crew, an Australian based business consultancy firm. Our specialised Australian tour operations will provide you with a memorable Australian experience. We are based in Melbourne and our services are personalised and private - made for YOU!

Our offer can be divided into two segments:

1. For tourists already in Australia;

2. For tourists wishing to come to Australia.

If you are already in Australia you may wish to consider our day tours.

You will be transported in a beautiful air-conditioned BMW. This is tourism in style.

If you are planning to visit Australia then you should definitely consider our holiday package. If you would like us to be your holiday partner make sure you contact us BEFORE you apply for a visa and/or buy your airline ticket and travel insurance. We may be able to save you considerable money in this area.

If you want to be more independent and travel solo, then that’s ok too. Australia is a big country, with lots to see and do. We can assist you in planning for what may be your holiday of a lifetime. For a small fee, we can have a conference call with you to discuss your travel goals, after which we prepare a realistic travel itinerary that will help you to achieve as many of your travel goals as possible. This is how our vacation planning service works.

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Business consultants, coaches and advisors

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69 Tours takes environmental sustainability seriously. Tourism is quite unique in that the natural environment is a key ingredient of the service product itself and the guests’ ultimate experience and level of satisfaction. For the Australian tourism industry to continue to provide its guests a high level of satisfaction and great experiences, it needs to ensure that the natural environment is sustained, and even improved upon. 69 Tours has taken a leading role here and developed a comprehensive sustainability policy which is available for download and review.

Victorian Tourism Industry Council